Durians For Good

Taste the Wild. Find your Flavour.

Durians For Good (previously known as Durian on Wheels) was established with the intention to bring whole durians cracked on the spot to customers’ houses. We strive to expand and give a wider selection yet, ensuring authenticity and verification of the durian, giving the best price to our customers.

Our durians are sourced from very famous plantations in Johor and Pahang and 100% Raub highland old trees. We want to bring Singapore heritage across our variety of freshly dehusked durian and fresh fruits and drinks that are fragrant, supple and refreshing into the heart of life.

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Get the whole durian being cracked and packed at your doorsteps!


Their Grade A durians from Pahang are extremely good during my first try. Subsequently, I just couldn’t describe the taste after I tried each from the different boxes, as each has its own unique aftertaste. Will definitely buy again, as such quality is hard to come by.

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Jacky Tan
Durians fan in Singapore

Very high grade MsW delivered to my door. The uncle weighs and dehusks the durian on the spot. All 3 boxes quality are consistently good!

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Kelvin Yeo
Durians fan in Singapore