About us

Fruits For Good is a social enterprise that facilitates a constant supply of high-quality, fresh seasonal fruits through its value-added services and distribution innovation.

One key initiative is to provide social micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to the disadvantaged and marginalized people in our community.

Fruits For Good is a brand of Singapore Food Distributor Pte Ltd.

A constant supply of high-quality and fresh seasonal fruits

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Our Team

Our team consists of fruit lovers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovators well-versed in both business and social impact. Realizing the unfair practices in the fruits industry, our mission is to uplift the livelihood of people in the fruit industry through innovative distribution and value-added services.

Our Commitment

Always Fresh

Thanks to the committed partnerships we have established with our fruits farmers and suppliers, we are able to secure a constant supply of high-quality and fresh seasonal fruits for your daily needs.

Delivery with Quality

Our just-in-time logistical system ensures fruits are delivered directly to your home or workplace in their optimal condition.


Our Story

Our journey as a social enterprise started from our first company, Singapore Delivery Services where we helped transform the lives of ex-offenders. After 5 years of providing dignified employment opportunities to 50 individuals annually, the founder Josephine Chew and her business partners extended to other beneficiaries through Fruits For Good with their Social-Sustainability-Economic (SSE) method of impact.

Our SSE Method of Impact



providing employment and self-employment opportunities for beneficiaries

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caring for the environment by utilizing electric van for delivery



incorporating efficiency in the operations, e.g. skills training by fruits cutting professionals to minimise fruits wastage